Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fall Foliage finished!

(Apologies for the flash glare.) These socks knit up fast for me, 2 together on one circular. I did everything according to the directions and I was surprised they turned out on the small size since usually for me it's quite the opposite! But only the instep is tight, they fit fine after squiggling into them and I love them!
How has everyone else been doing? I also finished the Hydrangea socks and they are great too but I used a K2P2 edge at the top instead of the directions. Love those too, especially the colors since purples are one of my favorite color groups.

And I'm looking forward to the holiday shipment, what will it be like?!!!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

How embarrassing

Well, I just posted a post to this KAL that was meant for another Blogger KAL. Sorry about that. Just ignore my previous post. Unless you also are a member of the Artic Knitting KAL - in that case feel free to comment. My apologies.

So What do You Think?

I completed my swatch as Donna suggested. What do you think? The photo was taken post-wet blocking. The yarn is from the kit that I ordered from Joanne. The bottom third of the swatch was knit with size US 1 needles, the middle third with size US 2 needles and the top third with US 3 needles. The size 2 and size 3 look very similar to me and the size 1 is denser. Right now I'm considering the Skeleton scarf pattern. The size 1 needles are yielding about 24 stitches/4 inches of gauge (post-blocking). Since I like warm scarves I'm tempted to use the size 1 needles to get a denser stockingette. I think the scarf still with have plenty of drape with the size 1 needles. If anyone has a reason I shouldn't knit my scarf with the size 1 please speak up. I've never knit with qiviut before.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

ADD Knitting Style

Seriously, I'm just now starting my second sock from the Callie Lily kit. However, the last two packages have made me want to cast on for them too. However, I can't until I first the first pair.

Just curious, I know that the most recent pattern is done toe up, but did anyone change the Hydrandea pattern to be done from the toe up.