Thursday, November 16, 2006

So What do You Think?

I completed my swatch as Donna suggested. What do you think? The photo was taken post-wet blocking. The yarn is from the kit that I ordered from Joanne. The bottom third of the swatch was knit with size US 1 needles, the middle third with size US 2 needles and the top third with US 3 needles. The size 2 and size 3 look very similar to me and the size 1 is denser. Right now I'm considering the Skeleton scarf pattern. The size 1 needles are yielding about 24 stitches/4 inches of gauge (post-blocking). Since I like warm scarves I'm tempted to use the size 1 needles to get a denser stockingette. I think the scarf still with have plenty of drape with the size 1 needles. If anyone has a reason I shouldn't knit my scarf with the size 1 please speak up. I've never knit with qiviut before.


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