Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just in Time!

I wanted to finish these before I received the August shipment and I think I made it in just under the wire! All the particulars:

Yarn and Pattern: You know!
Needles: 1 32 inch Knit Picks Classic Circular, size 0 (2 mm)
Modifications: As you can see, I went down a needle size. But even still, I had to cast on fewer stitches to get gauge. I cast on 28 sts for the top of the sock and 31 for the back, then increased to 32 sts on needle 2 for the foot. When I had gauge, I got stripes. When I didn't, it was more mottled. Both were pretty. I did not alternate skeins. Because I had fewer stitches, I did a different toe -- I used the pointed toe from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. It looks very nice, though I prefer a squarer toe in general.
What I Loved: The gorgeous colors. The "just right" amount of lace. Surprisingly, working a heel flap and gusset. I almost always substitute a short-row heel and this time decided against it. I have to say I like the way the gusset looks, and it seemed to make knitting the foot go more quickly. That could sound crazy, I know.
How Much Yarn I Had Left: Quite a bit, actually. If you're wondering what you will do with your leftover yarn, may I make a suggestion? The redoubtable Mintyfresh offers a sweet little pattern for a lace headband, designed for leftover sock yarn. Check it out! If you do, leave a comment and tell her Laura sent you.


Blogger Emma said...

So gorgeous! And thanks for the headband tip *off to make one now!*

1:28 PM  
Blogger BrooklynMom said...

Those look great! I started on guage, and my yarn did that striping--very nice. But they were too snug for me, so I ended up with pooling. Still pretty!

10:58 AM  
Blogger KarenK said...

Thanks for the headband tip! I'll use it with some leftover sock yarn in my stash. I'm doing the Calla Lilies from the toe up this time, in order to use up all the yarn. And I did have to use a tight gauge/small needles to get the striping effect, but it's making such a nice fabric, I'm sure it will wear well.

2:46 PM  

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