Saturday, August 05, 2006


Calla Lily socks are finished. I am very happy with the way the yarn “happened” in my pair. Less structured than the way it appeared in many pairs at the KAL, and in Sundara’s picture. I followed the pattern as written, except to shorten the toe a bit. As Sundara said, its a simple sock with a little detail to make it fun. I was going to give this pair as a gift, but while I was testing them on my foot, I decided to keep them. I did not tell the intended recipient yet that she is about to receive socks from me, so no harm done… she’ll get the next one. See more photos on my blog.


Blogger Jane said...

I like them, too! I like everybody's, and I can't wait till it's cold enough to get back in the handknit socks.

Only 9 days left till Sundara sends out the next package, too! :D

5:32 AM  

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