Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another Note from the Host

Hi everyone! I know that many of us have received our Hydrangea packages and, not surprisingly, there's lots of enthusiasm about it. Sundara really outdid herself!

Just a reminder -- if you're still receiving packages, it's not too late to join the knitalong. Just drop me an email at affiknitty at gmail dot com and ask to be added to the group.

If you have received a blog invitation and have not responded to it, please do! This will allow you to post to the blog. If the links in the blog invitation are not working, email me and I will resend it.

I recently got a question about whether and when members could post pictures of the packages to the blog. For the blogless among us, this may be the only place to post them. On the other hand, I know the delivery times varied pretty widely for the last package, especially for the international members. I think, though I may be wrong, that most people would prefer not to see a spoiler. Of course, I do think that people should post pictures of FOs and WIPs whenever they like.

Should we have some sort of general guideline about posting pictures of the packages? Limit it to links to blogs or Flickr pages? Have a time period after which it's fair game? What do you think? Leave a comment!

Laura from affiknitty


Anonymous Betsy said...

I'm one of the blogless who's so far been content with just leaving comments. I know that I will get motivated enough to post a picture one day. I would not want to post a spoiler, the packages are so pretty and so exciting to open everyone should have the chance to open the surprise. As for a waiting period, I think a week and a half to two weeks from the point when the first packages are received would be a good amount of time.

Maybe one of the international members could let us know how long it took for their package to get to them? That would be a good guage of how long to wait...

11:27 AM  
Blogger Karin said...

Hi All, I am one of the Internationals (Canada). Still waiting for my package, and if I'm being really honest, I would prefer a surprise. I usually get Global Priority packets from the US within 2 weeks - give or take a couple days. I think it would be nice if the early birds would limit the pictures AND descriptions for at least two weeks - I have actually been trying to NOT check here as each new post reveals more about the package! How do the rest of you feel?

5:35 PM  

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