Friday, January 12, 2007

Am I In?

Forgive me fellow knitter's for asking - but am I in? Have I actually figured out how to join in a blog or am I out there somewhere in cyberspace spinning my keyboard? I have begun my beauty sock - you know the one with the purpley, mauvy, new yarn that Sundara sent out. (Can you tell I have forgotten the name of it)? I had a rough start cause it would appear I don't read instructions as well as I thought and I kept motoring on and then ripping out every time I encountered the same problem. I figured it out after only about hmmm 8 tear backs. I wasn't paying attention to the knit two together and knit back into the first stitch - duh, so I kept coming up 2 stitches short. Anyway I am now 3" along on the cuff and am a happy girl.


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